Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Initiated to tackle the substantial solid waste management issue in Nairobi, Kenya, this project is currently in its formative phase.

Our Solid Waste Management project, while still in progress, aims to significantly improve the current waste management situation in Nairobi. At this stage, a mere 30% of the city's waste is collected, revealing a dire need for more effective and sustainable solutions.

As a part of our ongoing efforts, we have partnered with, a promising start-up in Nairobi. Together, we are enhancing Taka's recycling capabilities by assisting them in tracking waste that is collected from consumers. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our approach involves the use of Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LoRaWAN) tags to trace the journey of the collected waste from consumers to the recycling facility.

To further ensure transparency and accountability in this process, we have implemented our proprietary Proof of Location mechanism. This system verifies the locations of the tagged waste items, enabling us to create a reliable and transparent record of waste transportation.

Our collaboration with and the use of advanced tracking and location verification technologies form the foundation of our project. These components will allow us to build and implement incentive structures to further motivate consumer recycling efforts in the future.